Monday, December 31, 2007

Power supply for technology equipments.

Laptop, Mobile phone, Digital camera, PDA, external USB hard disk, etc. etc.

How much power supply it’s necessary to bring when you move with all those technology equipment that now days we use?
It’s not the time for making standardization on one kind only that can be used for all?
When I travel I have with me, my laptop, two mobile phone (one private and one business), one external hard disk for travelling archive, one Digital camera. All those came from different company and all have a different power supply for recharge the battery. I need to bring with me 4 different power supply, but in general I don’t need to recharge all together.
My idea for all manufacturer of those kind of equipment, please meet all together and decide for one power supply with just a small connector adapter (I know that same power supply manufacturer can not agree with me, thinking about a reduction of production, but if you think to the quantity, you still to have your business, but on the other hands you have customer satisfied).

Comments are always welcome

Bye Daniele

Optimal Sound Level Suggestion and Sound Level Keeper.

I don’t spent so much time see the TV and when I do it it’s often for listening the news, sometime for see a movie and randomly for a soccer big match.
My wife spent same time for telenovelas, reality and romantic movie. My little son saw just same few cartoons. However the sum of all these is about 3-4 hours per day.
During these hours, a lot of volume change happens due to the change in the sound level transmission; especially during the advertisement the sound level increase a lot and during the movie that you are interested on the sound level goes down. I spent many time playing with remote control changing the sound level up and down.
I have 2 suggestions for the TV manufacturer:

  1. Optimal Sound Level Suggested. This feature must be reached by pressing a push button and the TV playing in a small range with the sound level and listening about the sound wave coming back from the environment recognize and suggest the perfect sound level.
  2. Sound Level Keeper. On the same criteria written above on first suggestion, but for keeping the sound level fixed on the level chosen by remote control and not by transmission sound level.

Please user and manufacturer give me your opinion about.

Fashion watch dream

I dream a special watch. It was really flat and slim, with the display of the same colour of the rest of the watch.
On the watch there was only 4 push button with a tonality little bit different (just for easily recognize they). The function of the 4 push button was hours + date + light, blood pressure, body temperature and randomly positive phrase.
Putting the watch flat on a table it was length about 15 cm, large 1 cm and thick 2 mm.
I dreamed it in different colours.
Have you notice if this kind of watch exist? Let me know posting your comment.

Bye Daniele

The network story group.

I’m always dreams to be a writer, to wrote and publish a book. Of course be a writer is not always so simple. Like every other, attitude need to be practise, and this is the main reason why I have create a group for people that wish to write.
Writing short story and listen positive comment from others, helps to improve the own attitude.
I have created a discussion and participation group called “The Networked Story Group”, you can found it to:
The group has been created with this intention; just stimulate the participant to write.
Maybe in the future with all stories collected, we, all group participants, maybe can decide to publish or try to publish it like a first networked writers book.
Who can know what we can able to reach with ours creativity and fantasy.
If you are interested in join to this group let me know posting a comment.

Bye Daniele

Merry Xmas and Happy new year

I wish Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all of you.
Those however are the big holiday event for Christian, I’m really interested to know which are the annual big events for others?
Please Post me a comment about yours big event and a short context about.
Thanks and again
Merry Xmas and Happy New 2008 Year.
Bye Daniele

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Teaching, Learning and new technology.

The new technology can help the way of teaching and learning?
Considering how the new generation still moving related to the new technology, the answer is YES, but a revolution of teaching methods is need.
Here are just same ideas related to how this can happen.
Think just about mobile phone and SMS; a progress study tests can be done with it. The teacher send an SMS with a question and the student have 10 minutes for reply with the answer; this way can be used removing the limits of space and time to the study tests.
I pod and MP3 readers can be using for listen the lessons.
Small videos of lesson showing for example diagrams, drawings, flow-chart, small excel sheets and so on, can be reproduced on PDA and followed every where and each time you prefer.
PDA and Mobile Phone have now internet connection and this option open a lot of possibility (on line training, on line test, on line exercise and so on).
SMS and/or email can be used for sent memo to the students.
Many schools (University) have now e-learning degrees (Bachelors and Master) but the interactivity is just limit to the web site, new technology offer much more.
Can you image a schools collaborative project handle by students over the world together?

Visibility and Sociability

Visibility and sociability are both nowadays really important for have a good life, private, public and business good life.
In a global environment life, visibility is not only anymore to be only physical present in right place; instead a lot of virtual visibility became available. Think about which opportunity the new technology give to you for increase your visibility on world level.
Personal web site give you the possibility to show who you are in a friendly and private situation; you can describe your wishes, talk about your hobbies and illustrate how you prefer spent your free time.
Professional web site give you the possibility to show your attitude on business side of your life; which professional experiences you have, in what you are involved, what you plan to do in the next, how you consider total quality, how you take care about your customer.
Group discussion forum give you the possibility to talk about a specific subject with other people; you can share your opinion or knowledge and read others, you can find around the world someone with your same ideas, wishes.
Social network give you the possibility to reach and keep in contact people around the world that you never mind to be; it give the possibility to show yourself in a different way and learn things from others experiences.
With all these visibility chance, it’s in your hand increase and keep on high level your sociability; remember the people you are in contact, who they are, why you are in contact with them, what they expect from you and you from they, where they are (maybe you can have the possibility to meet they), and doesn’t stop to be visible and sociable.

Travelling for work, travelling for pleasure

Nowadays really often happen to travelling for work; short or long travelling involve every day more ours time. Technology, like virtual meeting, has reduced these phenomena but not enough. Why don’t spend time to organize better ours daily travel for transform it in a real pleasure?
Most of the time, we just goes from one place to another, without take care of the landscape around us, or without have nothing pleasured to do. If you must travel with the car, you can look around you with marvellous eyes, listen your preferred music, or if you must travel with train or plane you can listen music or read a book. If you travel with other, you can keep the occasion to know new people, just starting talking with they. Also if you aren’t a good drawer you can draw, maybe the mountain that you see from airplane window.
For someone can be also a pleasure to use travel time for learn new things, or prepare the next work activity.
But whatever you decide to do, choice a pleasure thing; travel will become shorter and relaxed, and you will arrive at your appointment on your best energy status.

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