Monday, December 31, 2007

Optimal Sound Level Suggestion and Sound Level Keeper.

I don’t spent so much time see the TV and when I do it it’s often for listening the news, sometime for see a movie and randomly for a soccer big match.
My wife spent same time for telenovelas, reality and romantic movie. My little son saw just same few cartoons. However the sum of all these is about 3-4 hours per day.
During these hours, a lot of volume change happens due to the change in the sound level transmission; especially during the advertisement the sound level increase a lot and during the movie that you are interested on the sound level goes down. I spent many time playing with remote control changing the sound level up and down.
I have 2 suggestions for the TV manufacturer:

  1. Optimal Sound Level Suggested. This feature must be reached by pressing a push button and the TV playing in a small range with the sound level and listening about the sound wave coming back from the environment recognize and suggest the perfect sound level.
  2. Sound Level Keeper. On the same criteria written above on first suggestion, but for keeping the sound level fixed on the level chosen by remote control and not by transmission sound level.

Please user and manufacturer give me your opinion about.

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