Monday, December 31, 2007

Power supply for technology equipments.

Laptop, Mobile phone, Digital camera, PDA, external USB hard disk, etc. etc.

How much power supply it’s necessary to bring when you move with all those technology equipment that now days we use?
It’s not the time for making standardization on one kind only that can be used for all?
When I travel I have with me, my laptop, two mobile phone (one private and one business), one external hard disk for travelling archive, one Digital camera. All those came from different company and all have a different power supply for recharge the battery. I need to bring with me 4 different power supply, but in general I don’t need to recharge all together.
My idea for all manufacturer of those kind of equipment, please meet all together and decide for one power supply with just a small connector adapter (I know that same power supply manufacturer can not agree with me, thinking about a reduction of production, but if you think to the quantity, you still to have your business, but on the other hands you have customer satisfied).

Comments are always welcome

Bye Daniele

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