Sunday, December 30, 2007

Teaching, Learning and new technology.

The new technology can help the way of teaching and learning?
Considering how the new generation still moving related to the new technology, the answer is YES, but a revolution of teaching methods is need.
Here are just same ideas related to how this can happen.
Think just about mobile phone and SMS; a progress study tests can be done with it. The teacher send an SMS with a question and the student have 10 minutes for reply with the answer; this way can be used removing the limits of space and time to the study tests.
I pod and MP3 readers can be using for listen the lessons.
Small videos of lesson showing for example diagrams, drawings, flow-chart, small excel sheets and so on, can be reproduced on PDA and followed every where and each time you prefer.
PDA and Mobile Phone have now internet connection and this option open a lot of possibility (on line training, on line test, on line exercise and so on).
SMS and/or email can be used for sent memo to the students.
Many schools (University) have now e-learning degrees (Bachelors and Master) but the interactivity is just limit to the web site, new technology offer much more.
Can you image a schools collaborative project handle by students over the world together?

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