Sunday, December 30, 2007

Travelling for work, travelling for pleasure

Nowadays really often happen to travelling for work; short or long travelling involve every day more ours time. Technology, like virtual meeting, has reduced these phenomena but not enough. Why don’t spend time to organize better ours daily travel for transform it in a real pleasure?
Most of the time, we just goes from one place to another, without take care of the landscape around us, or without have nothing pleasured to do. If you must travel with the car, you can look around you with marvellous eyes, listen your preferred music, or if you must travel with train or plane you can listen music or read a book. If you travel with other, you can keep the occasion to know new people, just starting talking with they. Also if you aren’t a good drawer you can draw, maybe the mountain that you see from airplane window.
For someone can be also a pleasure to use travel time for learn new things, or prepare the next work activity.
But whatever you decide to do, choice a pleasure thing; travel will become shorter and relaxed, and you will arrive at your appointment on your best energy status.

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  1. This is a good article and this is a very true that nowadays, every one is indulged in worldly affairs and traveling is something one need to get relaxed and take some pleasure of life for some moments and enjoy its life like one wants to enjoy by his own.


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