Sunday, December 30, 2007

Visibility and Sociability

Visibility and sociability are both nowadays really important for have a good life, private, public and business good life.
In a global environment life, visibility is not only anymore to be only physical present in right place; instead a lot of virtual visibility became available. Think about which opportunity the new technology give to you for increase your visibility on world level.
Personal web site give you the possibility to show who you are in a friendly and private situation; you can describe your wishes, talk about your hobbies and illustrate how you prefer spent your free time.
Professional web site give you the possibility to show your attitude on business side of your life; which professional experiences you have, in what you are involved, what you plan to do in the next, how you consider total quality, how you take care about your customer.
Group discussion forum give you the possibility to talk about a specific subject with other people; you can share your opinion or knowledge and read others, you can find around the world someone with your same ideas, wishes.
Social network give you the possibility to reach and keep in contact people around the world that you never mind to be; it give the possibility to show yourself in a different way and learn things from others experiences.
With all these visibility chance, it’s in your hand increase and keep on high level your sociability; remember the people you are in contact, who they are, why you are in contact with them, what they expect from you and you from they, where they are (maybe you can have the possibility to meet they), and doesn’t stop to be visible and sociable.

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