Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Intellectual Property

A big discussion and effort, all the companies have started, related to how protect all the intellectual work made inside the company itself.
The reason of this has been searched in the value, and cost, that all those work, intellectual works, have on the companies.
Like artists, writers, and so on, all documents created inside a company has been protected about copying; there are a lot of laws around the world about, but difficulties are in identify the documents that are covered by a value for a company.
If in the past Copyrighted mark was enough to discourage lots of using protected documents, the problem now is not anymore on the use of public documents but on the internal company documents. How an employees can recognize if a document can be share with a customer or not?
Looking on actual working way, like just in time, total quality, customer satisfaction and so on and on the quantity of customer information request, it’s not possible anymore to have an office that handle the documentations sharing right; a simply and fast solution it’s needed.
One of those solutions is to identify by a simple code, the confidential level of the documentation.
Informed all employees on how the code works and printed the specific code on every documents make easy and fast taking decision about share document outside the company.
Company that have applied the Intellectual Property identification had seen increasing the protection on confidential documents and had reached better competitive advantages.
Than if you want keep your company live longer and safe, you need to start soon as possible to implement you Intellectual Property rule.
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