Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Looking the sky on the first morning of the New Year

Looking the blue light dense colour of the sky, this first day of the year, I’m feeling completely in peaceful and full of energy.
I don’t know what this New Year will reserve for me; but I pretty confident that it is going to be special.
The biggest resolution I plan for, it’s to spend better time with my family (in general I spent time with my family, but most of that I thinking to other). I have a small child (four years old) and I want that this year is going to be special for him.
Of course I’m going to follow also all others, works, study, etc., but my family is the main GOAL to reach.
Have you a special kind of play time that you spend with your son?
Have you a special kind of happy time that you spend with your wife?
What do you suggest, special, to do with my family?
Let me know posting your comment.

Bye Daniele

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