Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mobile phone New features.

What else a mobile phone can do? Imagination is never limited.
What about the possibility to have a nearest categorized shops indication?
Just selecting for example “Toys” or “Cosmetics” or what else you need the mobile phone give you the 2 or 3 nearest related shops with name of the shop, phone number, address and distance from you.
What about the possibility to scan and OCR bills for keeping expenses under control?
Just scanning all bills, the mobile phone, OCR they, memorize the expense sum and give you a balance of your expense; and maybe can keep from bills detail of shops and store in the contact list for future use (for example for calling back the shops and asking if it still have that product).
What about an intelligence answer machine, with a recordable set of answer message settable for the occurrence or selectable for the number or caller?
You can recorder different answering message, for example “I’m in holiday, leave a message I will call you back” or “I’m in a meeting right now, please leave a message and I call you back on the next meeting break” or what else your fantasy suggest; you can change the answer message on fly and set the right one for the actual occurrence or you can select a different message for different callers.
What about read and store contact information from internet? You just search over internet for a supplier and store directly the contact information on internet page on your mobile phone contacts list.
What about programmed SMS? You can prepare a SMS for alert your family that you came back to home later in the evening and store it for be pushed on a certain hours, just because you are not sure to finish your job soon. If you finish your job soon you can just stop the message but if you still working later you don’t need to remember to advise your family the message will be sent at the programmed hours. Use your creativity for image how helpful can be this feature.
Reading a text file for you? Just storing a text file on it, your mobile phone can read it for you and you have only to listen.

Let me know your opinions about, you found all these useful?

Bye Daniele

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