Thursday, January 3, 2008

Simple idea to network advertisement

Thinking about all TV game programs, the following idea has come out (maybe has been already used, but I think still working):
A company that sold technology gadget or toys publish on a web site a game: “Guess what”;
The user must guess the object showed in a picture on the web page. The picture start showing just a small piece of image and every days or weeks a piece of detail of object is added. At the same time a value number starting on the first picture with a high value, decrease every detail added. A list of winning object is on one side of the page, showing the object that one win with a certain value.
For example, starting from a value of 20 points, you put 5 prizes (the top one between 18-20 points, the second between 15-17, the third between 10-14, the fourth between 5-9, the last between 1 and 4); of course the top one must be interesting object, the last one consolation object.
The user every days or weeks try to guess the object and the one that guess, win the prize related to the actual point of the game.
Difficulty must be related to the value of prizes and if nobody guess, solution must be given.
The WEB site must have on top the main company logo that proposes the game and some others link object advertise on the rest of the page.
If my article help you in your business, please remember me.

Bye Daniele

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