Sunday, April 13, 2008

Visiting Verona

The center historic part of Verona, keep you back in the time. Not really known city, except for Arena and Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare story, Verona is a really interesting place to visit. One day is not enough and let you loose a lot of point of interest in the city.
If you are Italian or Foreign, just keep present in your travel in Italy to stop in Verona. The piece of land between the Adige River and Via Roma and Via Pallone, let you have a full day of walking to see historic place. Starting from Castelvecchio trough 4 churches (San Lorenzo, Duomo, Sant’Anastasia, San Fermo), Barberini building, Bevilacqua building, Maffei building, Signori square, Erbe square, 2 Arches(Dei Gavi, Leona), Arena and the famous Juliet house.
Easily looking all of this architectonic constructions, you can be captured in a dream that kept you in the past.
First time in Verona have just let me know that I need to going again there to see again what already seen and the rest of the interesting place (like the Juliet grave).

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