Saturday, May 31, 2008

New technology fever, IPHONE from APPLE

From the announcement made time ago about this new technology mobile phone, people start to be ill about it and wait with anxiety when the product will be released. That moment is arrived already in USA and now it starting to goes available around the world. There is many positive rumors about it, and seems that, in the next, all will want to have Iphone, only it. There are many web site where to found detail already on the Net.

Iphone is small, thin, light, have a good resolution screen; the innovation of this smartphone is the multytouch display that make the use easier and pleasant.
Mobile phone, Email, Internet, Music player, Video player, ….., Bluetooth, Wi-fi, the application on it are so a lot.
It’s a new technology era or it’s just a single event?
Let me know your point of view and if you will going to buy Iphone.
Bye Daniele

Friday, May 30, 2008

Gossip or marketing?

Today on the news there is a rumor around Clooney and his love story; seems that all is finish with Sarah Larson; the reason is “We are too much different”. On the same news Lindsay Lohan would goes in marriage, in marriage with her girlfriend Samantha Ronson. Naomi Campbell seem have fight with a policeman and there is the risk that she goes in prison.
Every day we listen about GOSSIP, personal story about famous and less famous people (star, VIP, …).
Surely for normal people the gossip stories are necessary for believe to be more similar to all those stars, in the both ways, on one side because make stars like normal people and on the other side because normal people can believe to become a star. The emotions help to live in a hard and difficult world.
But so much gossip could be an action of communication part of a marketing strategy?
This could means, that most of these stories could be false or built and at the end the gossip protagonists need that people believe the stories.
In bad or good way, the only important aspect is that the people talk about you and you will be important” .

Let me know your point of view, leave a comment.
Bye Daniele

Thursday, May 29, 2008


What I personally can do about? This is my question for all of you. I searched what is the origin of sustainability and I found “Sustainability in its simplest form describes a characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely.”. Again the question: What I personally can do about?
Asking on the net I received some suggestion, simple and not simple, here in the following you can found the result completed by my personal idea:
  • >Email are used a lot nowadays and a closing message about sustainability can aware people about, best suggestion received is “Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail” simple and direct, but of course other message can be used and maybe changing the message every month or quarter can help to keep the aware.
  • >Switching off all not necessary electrical equipment; especially when you go away in the evening from office.
  • >Activate a recycling process for paper, plastic and all other possible things
  • >Walk, all the time you can, prefer walking, biking instead of car and if car is the only solution try to realize car pooling.
  • >Also nutrition can be part of sustainability, using goods that are product in a natural way.
  • >Package, prefer package that are easily recyclable (instead of plastic use paper).
  • >Prefer glass to plastic, if you can choice prefer glass bottle instead of plastic one (glass is much easy to recycle and the recycling have less eco impact).
  • >Make always waste sorting, most material are recyclable is correctly sorted.

If you have other to add, leave your comment; thanks

Bye Daniele

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Clinton, Obama, McCain

It’s interesting to follow how the preparation for the election in U.S. goes; the process and result of this event is important for all world, U.S. have a wide range of influence and it is involved in a lot of things around.
Especially the confrontation between Clinton/Obama that show a strong innovative decision from Democratic Party, too innovative for my point of view for the U.S. population.
What I think is that the next president will be McCain, U.S. is not ready for the change that Democratic trying to implement, maybe all world is not ready too.
Let me know what your mind is.
New survey has been added on the side.
Bye Daniele

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

China economy and Russia neighbour

When China start to open is economy to the rest of the world, most market in the west was soon worried about this potential and big competitor. Most company was ridimensioned (some closed) by Chinese products introduced in the west market. Most government starts to apply protective rule for local industry and market.

But what about the relation with the Russia, big neighbour of China?
I’m asking this question on an internet forum and I receive many comments, moving from opinion to historical fact and sometime also on offensive reply. But surely seems that Russian economy is not worried about, there was cooperation between the 2 country that start in the history and continue nowadays.
There are also some exception to the feeling between China and Russia like:
  • Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (1939)
  • No help to China from Russia against Japan during WWII

But in general the cooperation still good; of course the relation mostly depend on China,
traditionally suspicious and beware about foreign, but nowadays that China still grow fast, interest for the Russian gas is really high.
Another point to keep present is the depopulation of Russian from South-East of Russia and population of the same area from Chinese people. In this area big segment of business is in the hand of Chinese.
This is more or less the resume of discussion about this matter and surely I believe that there are item not really precise.
I let you reader, to post your correction on this story.
Let me nearing to the truth.
Bye Daniele

Monday, May 26, 2008

Nuclear Energy

It’s really strange for me, for some time I listen about the Iran that wants implement Nuclear Power Plants and USA but also the rest of the world was worried about. Nowadays I listen that the Italian government wants solve the energy problem in Italy by a Nuclear Power Plants. Strange contradiction.
Could the Nuclear Energy be the solution and the alternative to the petrol energy?
It’s possible that others alternative don’t exist?
If it’s true the rumors about the fact that the material for nuclear plant in not so much years finish, why invest in this direction?
Strongly I listen about solar energy, why it’s not economic to invest in this direction?
Too many question about, and no clear answer. However I little bit worried about nuclear plants like a solution for the future.

I’m interesting to know your idea about and your solution for the future.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Files archive. Structured organization.

Mostly I was in difficulty to found the right files in my computer archive; the main reason was related to a not well organization when I archive a file. Asking on the net suggestion about and trying to generalize the suggestion received here follow the result.
The following step need to be followed and implemented:
  1. Analyze your need
  2. Catalogue the mains subjects (subject = folder)
  3. Divide every subject in sub subjects by a logical way
  4. Divide every sub subjects by a logical step
  5. ……….
  6. Rename the file putting at the begin the release of the file and save in the right place

The procedure that we must implement for every categorization is the follow:

  1. Explore every possibility, writing down (normally called brainstorming)
  2. Aggregate respect similarity
  3. Give a title to the group (title = folder)

For example, regard “Analyze your need”, could be like:

  1. Actual work, possibility to change job, home thing, billing, personal care, friends, dreams, …
  2. Aggregation
    - Actual work, billing, dreams, possibility to change job
    - Home thing, billing, dreams
    - Personal care, billing, dreams
  3. Title

This means that we will create 3 main folders.
Every level need to be explored like suggested above, and also the deep of levels is a consequence of your analysis and decision (the limit is: too much summarized=few levels or too much analytical= many levels).
Once the structure is realized, a necessary action is to evaluate which folders in the last level will be used more and for this, create a shortcut in a simple to reach place. This action need to make easiest the archiving job.
The last most difficult part to pay attention is the files classification, if you have problem to classified in only one folder, don’t worry about, save the file in more folder (in one folder save the file, in the others folder save a shortcut to the file).


Bye Daniele

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Do you smoke? Not anymore thanks.

I was a smoker, one box per day on the good day otherwise more. I have always told to the people that ask me:”why you don’t stop smoking?”, that I will stop when the right time will arrive. That time was arrived 21 days ago. Stop to smoke cigarette is not easy, however there is a dependency and also the habit need to be stopped. In my mind, stopping to smoke must be associated to a special event, something that helps to stop to smoke. 21 days ago I take the fever for 2 completely days, smoking was impossible for me in that days and when the fever goes away, I have continued to no smoke. First days was really hard, dependency still live and strong, but after that time every day became much easier. Now the only problem is the habit, I still going outside often during the work, like I did in the past when I was going outside for smoke. But I’m sure that with the time also habit will go away.


Bye Daniele

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rediscover the pleasure of walk

Due to increased price of petrol, I was motivating to review the way I was using to go to work. Seven years ago I moved geographically for work reason and the only possibility to found a house that I was able to pay, was 40 km far from office place by car; this means 80 km for day . I was lightly kept to think about gasoline consuming but not for the price but for environmental side, but I was never so determinate to try to found a different way. But with the price of gasoline that day by day goes up the motivation for try to change are more than one, and impact strongly on money.

Nowadays I review it completely, doing also an expensive calculation:

  • The price of gasoline is 1,5 euros per liter;

  • 1 liter is about 15 km;

  • For made 80km are necessary 5,3 liters;

  • The cost of 5,3 liters is 8 euros;

Every day I spent with my car only for the gasoline 8 euros just for going from home to office and back to home, without consider the car usage and the most import part environmental effect.
Three days ago I found that there is a convenient alternative for me “the train”:

  • I have the train station about 500 meters far from my home;

  • The train goes from my home city station directly to my office city station;

  • I have 1 km between the office city station and office;

  • The train’s price for going and back is 5 euros;

The result is: In the same time I spent less, I doing a salutary walk, I reduce the pollution and I am less stressed.
The funny part is that walk is a real pleasure and I can see around me what happen, thing that I can’t when i was using the car (because I was kept for driving).

Can be that the economical aspect is the higher motivation for preserve the world?

Let me know your opinion.

Bye Daniele

Let me keep the count of km reduced using the train and walking, i add a special counter on the side.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Naples rubbish

Nowadays Naples area is becoming really famous for the rubbish problem. All world still seen the Italian way of handling a problem like this. The video on TV make a tremendous impression and Naples people starting to rebel about this situation. I know surely the problem is not easy to solve, but what I don’t understand, what I’m really don’t’ understand is why in the Naples area a waste sorting is not started until today. Most of the rubbish are reusable, for example the glass, but in all video on TV I never seen a waste sorting implemented. If, for example, starting the waste sorting can reduce the problem to 70% or less however is an improvement and on the other hand is a starting for solving the problem. Surely I can image that rear the situation there are economic interest of someone really strong, that still trying to found a way to get money from the government. Hoping the Naples problem will soon solved in a way that will be an example for all other in the future and waste sorting will be part of that solution.
Let me know your comment about

Bye Daniele

Friday, May 2, 2008

Windows Real Background

Windows Real Background ( it's an idea born just some days ago, the possibility to create windows desktop background not usual. A collection of images realized by digital photo of real object. You will find a lot of images (i will post minimum 9 per months). Goes to take a look and sign my guestbook. Just like an example i put here one image.

Visiting Minitalia - One funniest day

A special place to visit, located near the Capriate San Gervasio, is Minitalia.
Born to show all famous building and place of Italy in a miniature style, now is enriched of more funny and interesting things.
There is a luna park, with corousels for children and adults.
There are some animals like cows, donkeys, parrots, sheeps and so more.
There is an aquarium with a lot of fishes and a reptilarium.
There are many place around to stop for eating (like pic-nic area) and shop where to buy food.
Completely fully of green area. At certain scheduled hours during the day, there are also in some place interesting and leasure shows.
If you wants spend one special day visit MINITALIA.

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