Tuesday, May 27, 2008

China economy and Russia neighbour

When China start to open is economy to the rest of the world, most market in the west was soon worried about this potential and big competitor. Most company was ridimensioned (some closed) by Chinese products introduced in the west market. Most government starts to apply protective rule for local industry and market.

But what about the relation with the Russia, big neighbour of China?
I’m asking this question on an internet forum and I receive many comments, moving from opinion to historical fact and sometime also on offensive reply. But surely seems that Russian economy is not worried about, there was cooperation between the 2 country that start in the history and continue nowadays.
There are also some exception to the feeling between China and Russia like:
  • Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (1939)
  • No help to China from Russia against Japan during WWII

But in general the cooperation still good; of course the relation mostly depend on China,
traditionally suspicious and beware about foreign, but nowadays that China still grow fast, interest for the Russian gas is really high.
Another point to keep present is the depopulation of Russian from South-East of Russia and population of the same area from Chinese people. In this area big segment of business is in the hand of Chinese.
This is more or less the resume of discussion about this matter and surely I believe that there are item not really precise.
I let you reader, to post your correction on this story.
Let me nearing to the truth.
Bye Daniele

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