Saturday, May 24, 2008

Do you smoke? Not anymore thanks.

I was a smoker, one box per day on the good day otherwise more. I have always told to the people that ask me:”why you don’t stop smoking?”, that I will stop when the right time will arrive. That time was arrived 21 days ago. Stop to smoke cigarette is not easy, however there is a dependency and also the habit need to be stopped. In my mind, stopping to smoke must be associated to a special event, something that helps to stop to smoke. 21 days ago I take the fever for 2 completely days, smoking was impossible for me in that days and when the fever goes away, I have continued to no smoke. First days was really hard, dependency still live and strong, but after that time every day became much easier. Now the only problem is the habit, I still going outside often during the work, like I did in the past when I was going outside for smoke. But I’m sure that with the time also habit will go away.


Bye Daniele

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