Sunday, May 25, 2008

Files archive. Structured organization.

Mostly I was in difficulty to found the right files in my computer archive; the main reason was related to a not well organization when I archive a file. Asking on the net suggestion about and trying to generalize the suggestion received here follow the result.
The following step need to be followed and implemented:
  1. Analyze your need
  2. Catalogue the mains subjects (subject = folder)
  3. Divide every subject in sub subjects by a logical way
  4. Divide every sub subjects by a logical step
  5. ……….
  6. Rename the file putting at the begin the release of the file and save in the right place

The procedure that we must implement for every categorization is the follow:

  1. Explore every possibility, writing down (normally called brainstorming)
  2. Aggregate respect similarity
  3. Give a title to the group (title = folder)

For example, regard “Analyze your need”, could be like:

  1. Actual work, possibility to change job, home thing, billing, personal care, friends, dreams, …
  2. Aggregation
    - Actual work, billing, dreams, possibility to change job
    - Home thing, billing, dreams
    - Personal care, billing, dreams
  3. Title

This means that we will create 3 main folders.
Every level need to be explored like suggested above, and also the deep of levels is a consequence of your analysis and decision (the limit is: too much summarized=few levels or too much analytical= many levels).
Once the structure is realized, a necessary action is to evaluate which folders in the last level will be used more and for this, create a shortcut in a simple to reach place. This action need to make easiest the archiving job.
The last most difficult part to pay attention is the files classification, if you have problem to classified in only one folder, don’t worry about, save the file in more folder (in one folder save the file, in the others folder save a shortcut to the file).


Bye Daniele

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