Monday, May 19, 2008

Naples rubbish

Nowadays Naples area is becoming really famous for the rubbish problem. All world still seen the Italian way of handling a problem like this. The video on TV make a tremendous impression and Naples people starting to rebel about this situation. I know surely the problem is not easy to solve, but what I don’t understand, what I’m really don’t’ understand is why in the Naples area a waste sorting is not started until today. Most of the rubbish are reusable, for example the glass, but in all video on TV I never seen a waste sorting implemented. If, for example, starting the waste sorting can reduce the problem to 70% or less however is an improvement and on the other hand is a starting for solving the problem. Surely I can image that rear the situation there are economic interest of someone really strong, that still trying to found a way to get money from the government. Hoping the Naples problem will soon solved in a way that will be an example for all other in the future and waste sorting will be part of that solution.
Let me know your comment about

Bye Daniele

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  1. Yeh it's a big problem, but we will seen what new government will do.
    Bye Red


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