Saturday, May 31, 2008

New technology fever, IPHONE from APPLE

From the announcement made time ago about this new technology mobile phone, people start to be ill about it and wait with anxiety when the product will be released. That moment is arrived already in USA and now it starting to goes available around the world. There is many positive rumors about it, and seems that, in the next, all will want to have Iphone, only it. There are many web site where to found detail already on the Net.

Iphone is small, thin, light, have a good resolution screen; the innovation of this smartphone is the multytouch display that make the use easier and pleasant.
Mobile phone, Email, Internet, Music player, Video player, ….., Bluetooth, Wi-fi, the application on it are so a lot.
It’s a new technology era or it’s just a single event?
Let me know your point of view and if you will going to buy Iphone.
Bye Daniele

1 comment:

  1. For me iPhone as every GSM/Smartphone/PDA is only prosthesis of human, just instrument. Some ot them are better, some not, but at the end they are just phones


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