Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rediscover the pleasure of walk

Due to increased price of petrol, I was motivating to review the way I was using to go to work. Seven years ago I moved geographically for work reason and the only possibility to found a house that I was able to pay, was 40 km far from office place by car; this means 80 km for day . I was lightly kept to think about gasoline consuming but not for the price but for environmental side, but I was never so determinate to try to found a different way. But with the price of gasoline that day by day goes up the motivation for try to change are more than one, and impact strongly on money.

Nowadays I review it completely, doing also an expensive calculation:

  • The price of gasoline is 1,5 euros per liter;

  • 1 liter is about 15 km;

  • For made 80km are necessary 5,3 liters;

  • The cost of 5,3 liters is 8 euros;

Every day I spent with my car only for the gasoline 8 euros just for going from home to office and back to home, without consider the car usage and the most import part environmental effect.
Three days ago I found that there is a convenient alternative for me “the train”:

  • I have the train station about 500 meters far from my home;

  • The train goes from my home city station directly to my office city station;

  • I have 1 km between the office city station and office;

  • The train’s price for going and back is 5 euros;

The result is: In the same time I spent less, I doing a salutary walk, I reduce the pollution and I am less stressed.
The funny part is that walk is a real pleasure and I can see around me what happen, thing that I can’t when i was using the car (because I was kept for driving).

Can be that the economical aspect is the higher motivation for preserve the world?

Let me know your opinion.

Bye Daniele

Let me keep the count of km reduced using the train and walking, i add a special counter on the side.

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