Thursday, May 29, 2008


What I personally can do about? This is my question for all of you. I searched what is the origin of sustainability and I found “Sustainability in its simplest form describes a characteristic of a process or state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely.”. Again the question: What I personally can do about?
Asking on the net I received some suggestion, simple and not simple, here in the following you can found the result completed by my personal idea:
  • >Email are used a lot nowadays and a closing message about sustainability can aware people about, best suggestion received is “Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail” simple and direct, but of course other message can be used and maybe changing the message every month or quarter can help to keep the aware.
  • >Switching off all not necessary electrical equipment; especially when you go away in the evening from office.
  • >Activate a recycling process for paper, plastic and all other possible things
  • >Walk, all the time you can, prefer walking, biking instead of car and if car is the only solution try to realize car pooling.
  • >Also nutrition can be part of sustainability, using goods that are product in a natural way.
  • >Package, prefer package that are easily recyclable (instead of plastic use paper).
  • >Prefer glass to plastic, if you can choice prefer glass bottle instead of plastic one (glass is much easy to recycle and the recycling have less eco impact).
  • >Make always waste sorting, most material are recyclable is correctly sorted.

If you have other to add, leave your comment; thanks

Bye Daniele

1 comment:

  1. Great list.

    I try to use recycled paper whenever possible, have my business cards, letter head etc printed on recycled paper (the higher the %, the better).

    I have noticed recently at expos, companies and small business are not using as much literature and printed materials. A small card directing you to their website or having your attendee badge electronically scanned so that they can email you information about their company – which is actually more effecting than having to schlep 20 lbs of flyers and literature with you all day.


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