Saturday, June 21, 2008

Background for your desktop

Here some real windows backgroud (june 2008 slideshow); you can see other on

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Styles of Communication in Anger Management

by George Anderson.

It is important for all of us to remember that there are four styles of communication that each person has at his/her disposal. However, the key to having one’s needs met in a respectful manner depends entirely on which style he/she uses when communicating with others. Let’s take a moment to look at the four styles:

• Passive Communication = The passive communicator avoids direct eye contact, fails to accurately express his or her feelings, and tends to have low self-esteem. The anger is self-directed rather than directed at the source of the anger.

•Passive-Aggressive Communication = The passive-aggressive communicator often sounds passive, but is hostile in his/her manner of speaking. He/she uses sarcasm and other hostile gestures to get a point across. The listener is left without any indication of what the passive-aggressive communicator needs or wants.

•Aggressive Communication = The aggressive communicator invades the space of the listener, speaks in a threatening manner, and may throw objects, glare, or attempt to intimidate the listener. He or she attempts to blame the listener for whatever the source of the disagreement may be.

•Assertive Communication = The assertive communicator speaks in a reasonable tone, establishes eye contact with the listener, uses “I” messages, and clearly states his or her needs, feelings, and requests. He/she invites the listener to work towards a mutually satisfactory resolution of the conflict. This person consciously influences the listener by his/her own behavior, and demonstrates skills in emotional intelligence.

From these descriptions, you can see which kind of style is crucial for maintaining positive relationships with others. It is important for us to be assertive, especially in circumstances where the listener has done something to incite the anger. The key to getting one’s needs met with resolution is to be the bigger person. Being the bigger person means being Assertive…not aggressive, not passive-aggressive, and definitely not passive.
George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMF, CEAPDiplomate, American Association of Anger Management ProvidersAnderson & Anderson®, The Trusted Name in Anger Management

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Economy crisis, what to do now?

The basement of the all economy world was the oil doesn’t sound news, but is what still right happening, that confirms the previous affirmation.
The prize of oil has increased drastically in those last months creating a situation of speculation and putting in crisis all, especially the social position that was already in trouble or near by. First evident and heavy effect is related to the cost of money (interest) and consequently cost of life.

Investment made on bought house by mortgage especially if related to a variable index, loss in the company and consequent plan of employee’s reduction, people that are not able anymore to reach the end of the month with his salary, are all indication that something still growing in the wrong direction and need to be identified and correct.
Some actions are put in place and others are work in progress for handle the future, but they are the solution? For example in Italy, the government still moving in the nuclear direction; like told in my previous article seem that also the Iran (recognized like a country rich of oil) are moving on nuclear direction too.
The solution is just hidden by who have real interest in selling oil with high price (speculator people) or there isn’t a real solution?
But when we, normal people, listen about solar energy, wind energy, bio-massa energy, hydrogen fuel, and so on, we still listening about a dream or can be all those a real alternative?
Some country are trying to find others alternative, for example India is looking for biodiesel (fuel realized from trees); other voice around the world are related to algae transformed into gasoline and seem that are also much clean than the oil.
Surely until a real concrete alternative is not put in place the only escape possibility is to reduce drastically the use changing ours habit.

Indications on other kind of oil alternative are WELCOME.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Basic concept of MARKETING part I

When we talk about marketing, at the end we talk about Marketing-Mix, a policy related to 4 main pillars that need to be well balanced for kept the company healthy:

  1. Product/Service
  2. Price
  3. Distribution
  4. Communication

Those 4 pillars aren’t independent, each one influence the others; for this reason it’s not easy to take right decision when we talk about Marketing policy.
On top of Marketing-Mix, it’s necessary to analyze the context around the company at 360 degrees (internal and external); if we kept in mind that a company is a small part of a system and like part of it, the company is strongly influenced by system change, but can only softly influence the system itself, it’s necessary to know, how the system is made for take the decision in the way of keep the maximum benefit (and not be influenced in the negative way because instead of anticipate we suffer the system behavior) .
The system is composed by different subsystems:

  • Demography
  • Cultural and social
  • Technology
  • Economy
  • Government and law
  • Physical

and for every one we need to collect particular information that it’s necessary for taking the right decision.
We can identify in the “External Audit” the function that realize filtering and collection of the correct information for every subsystems (p.e. by analyze marketing trend, customers behavior, competition, …).
Importance of External Audit can easily understood by few example; if we are a company that produce cars, if the government apply a new tax on the car, this influence the acquiring behavior of cars and probably the number of car sold in the market decrease; if the cost of life grows, people have less money and this reflect directly on the global trade; if in a country for a historic cultural background people prefer rent instead of buy (or in the opposite) , it’s clear that you must kept present for the direction of your choice.

If you have correction or adding post a comment. Thanks.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

ReviewSNAP™ provides innovative solutions with Web-based employee review system

by Chris Arringdale
VP of Marketing

DES MOINES, Iowa — May 7, 2008 — It’s no surprise to business professionals that United States businesses are doing more with less in today’s economy. Productivity is expected to increase or remain steady while the unemployment rate remains at 5 percent according to the Bureau of Labor. Human resource professionals and managers share the challenge of doing more with less along with the rest of their organization.

Fortunately, technology can provide solutions for companies by enabling them to complete one of their responsibilities more efficiently and effectively — employee performance reviews — while laddering up to the overall organizations’ strategic business plan.

Applied Training Systems has created ReviewSNAP™, an innovative Web-based performance management system that offers the following solutions:

Real time updates to goals, feedback and reviews
· If feedback is given on an employee or the employee’s goals are changed any time throughout the review period, the employee’s file is updated in real time and can be viewed right away by the rater/reviewer. Also, this allows reviewers to keep track of an employee’s progress towards their goals by keeping an ongoing record and adding feedback at any time during the review period.
Better and more accurate reviews can be given
· Rather than taking the chance of basing an employee’s review for an entire period on recent events only, reviewers have the ongoing ability to keep better track of their progress, performance issues, areas for improvement, etc. throughout the review period.
Automating reviews for more review cycles
· By automating the reviews, it makes it easier to have more review cycles. Rather, than having to wait for an annual review, reviewers have the option to create as many review periods as needed to provide an effective and accurate overall review.
Access to review system from anywhere with Internet access
· By having a Web based system, reviewers can add thoughts and notes to employee records from any location with Internet access. This encourages managers and raters to log information about the employee easily and quickly and allows them to access employee reviews and records so they can complete the review process at any time regardless of where they may be at the time.

“ReviewSNAP can help save time and simplify the employee review process for HR professionals and managers while being a medium that sends a strong message to employees that their organization is genuinely interested in their performance and professional growth” said David Arringdale, President of Applied Training Systems. “By having a system that allows for better and more accurate reviews, employees can gain a better understanding of their role in the company, how they are performing and they will feel more confident about their professional goals they need to focus on in the upcoming year.”

According to Rasmussen Reports LLC, 92 percent of managers believe they are doing an “excellent” or “good” job managing employees while only 67 percent of employees agree. A Web-based review system enables managers to better identify, evaluate and develop an individual’s performance. ReviewSNAP makes this managerial task more streamlined and effective. “Conducting quality employee reviews has a positive influence on employees’ individual sense of worth, commitment and belonging to theorganization ultimately driving better performance that ladders up to the organization’s overall goals,” said Arringdale.

Automating the review process can significantly reduce HR and managerial staff time. Streamlining this process can cut an organization’s expenses, ensure more timely reviews, and improve morale and productivity which should help enhance the bottom line.

About ReviewSNAP™
ReviewSNAP is a highly flexible, Web-based performance management system that allows users to give more accurate performance reviews. Created by Applied Training Systems, ReviewSNAP offers standard review templates, competencies, rating scales, and review periods. However, it allows users the capability of fully customizing each feature to fit individual orgranization’s needs. For more information, visit or call 800-516-5849.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iran, the next one.

The US point the finger to the IRAN (Islamic Republic of Iran), like the next one, next one country to kept under control, to force to be in line with the rest of the world worried.
Certainly the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the president of Iran, don’t make nothing to quite the situation, but instead he do the complete opposite, making a public declaration against US and Israel, increasing the headache of all Nations.

In a firstly moment, I have supposed that the reason of this hot situation comes from history of the Iran country and this is partially true, but the reality is in the Oil. The Oil was the reason in the past of intrusion in the country of US and other occidental nation; in the Oil is the interest and like in the past every kind of monster is created for have the popular participation, but with the objective to take the Oil under control
The problem in the news, seem started when the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declare that the Iran state start to work with nuclear energy; I suppose that in many country (and US included), people started to think in this way: “If Iran that is a country with a lot of oil, start to play with nuclear, he does it for realize nuclear bomb and not nuclear energy; it’s necessary to stop him.” And I can agree with this, but if we consider the possibility that the oil still finish, easily we can image another situation, Iran still trying to found an alternative way of survive.

Understand clearly the truth is the objective and for this reason I ask to all of you to express your point of view, leave a comment and we start to discuss about.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

MOTOGP Vs Formula1

Lastly, I’m following often the race on TV about both sport, MotoGP and Formula1, the first has been more enthusiastic than the other. Following Formula1 is really boring, just rare situation make the competition interesting; mostly all is played on the qualification, the first on the qualification is the first on race; also change in the position during the race are rare, especially for the first 6-7 position. Instead on MotoGP, the qualification play an important part of the match but during the race a lot of thing happen; in this last race in Spain, Valentino Rossi from 9th became 2nd and during the race a lot of change in the position was happen.

I’m really interested to know your opinion about and if you are pro or con about what I told above.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Urban golf

When I read the news on a commercial fashion newspaper, I was amazing about, because was the concretization of a wonderful way of thinking.
However you call it, Urban golf, Street golf, and so on, it really innovative and it’s a typical example of creating a new market, copying from existing one and adapt to a new area, people or so on.
The game of Golf was restricted to a special group, with a not indifferent cost, located in a special area created just for this game; now with urban golf a similar game can be played everywhere also in your city.
There are same rules and one most important is to make agreement with local community; for your curiosity here are some links:
Can you see in this news a new way of advertising?
Maybe someone can sponsor it or some commercial center can organize a tournament in their building.
Can you image the benefit for a company to organize a game in an industrial area?
So if you use those ideas of advertising successful remember me.
If you have comment or other let me know, comments are always welcome.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Article sponsored by me

I would suggest you to read the article on the following link:

13 Prophecies of Internet Marketing

It’s related to an article of Asif Anwar (expert on SEO and SEM).
I found the article interesting and for this reason i want to share with you, but i wish to have also your opinions about it.

Please read it and let me know your comment about.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to keeping a customer after the risk of loosing him.

The story start whit months of problems claims by a customer about a product sold to him, problems that the customer report existing from the begin. This customer is a really good customer with a big percentage of revenue and loosing him means not only loosing the business with him but loosing also a reference customer.
Expert from Customer Service department, Sales department, Marketing department, Development department was involved for analyze the situation urgently and setting an action plan with the top priority.
On analysis result 4 main key comes out:
- Users - they are not happy about the product because for their point of view is to complicate
- Product - some problems are product problems
- Process – process for handling the customer claim was not worked efficiently
- Customer Service Technicians – knowing the users, they underestimate the problems calls and didn’t put the right urgency and importance on.
The consequence action plan decided was:
1) Product problems must be prioritized and solved in less than 4 months
2) Customer Service Technicians must be sensibilized to take in much consideration the customer calls and valuate better the importance and the urgency of the calls; the Customer Service Technicians manager must keep under control the efficacy.
3) Review of the calls handling process, linking the calls frequency to the escalation process for involves the factory in an early stage.

The action plan had been in part proposed to the customer and he had accepted to wait at least 6 months for evaluate the result.
After the first factory modification and some little bit care of the customer, the situation has been recovered, except the users not pro supplier.
Result of this story is:
- Customer calls must be all evaluate respect urgency and importance in the right way
- Process must be review in the time, situation change and the process need to be adapted to the actual state
- Escalation process must be linked to all process, with a defined way of activation
- The lower part of organization is the one in direct contact with the customer and need to be followed and instruct on the customer handling

If this story suggest you point to improve, add, change, review and so on leave your comment, sharing experiencies is always welcome.

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