Monday, June 2, 2008

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I would suggest you to read the article on the following link:

13 Prophecies of Internet Marketing

It’s related to an article of Asif Anwar (expert on SEO and SEM).
I found the article interesting and for this reason i want to share with you, but i wish to have also your opinions about it.

Please read it and let me know your comment about.

Bye Daniele

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  1. I agree with some of these ideas but
    - Email will be the Least Used for Personal Communication, true we don't want more spam
    - Online Social Media will kill Traffic from Search Engines, I'm not sure because Facebook's traffic is not as huge as it must be to kill search engine traffic

    and I hope that search will be more user friendly....

  2. Hi Daniele,

    Thanks for referring my article. I really appreciate your effort in sponsoring the article.

    @bertrand (Re: Social Media will kill Traffic from Search Engines)

    I have made a follow up comment in the same article with comment from Caroline Melberg (

    Caroline Melberg
    Regarding social media replacing search engines - I doubt it. But I do see the two integrating. Someday you’ll see search and social media being so integrated that you won’t be able to think about either of them as separate entities.

    Me (Asif Anwar)
    We may also see Search Engines loose it’s physical form. i.e. people will be using Google a lot, but no one will visit

    Google has already giving access to their services through API and these APIs will dominate the future search.

  3. @ asif.
    I agree, i just said that because I met people from Google some months ago and they was very proud of an advertising campaign with a car constructor...Instead of saying "go to" it was something like Go to google an search for Chrysler.......that's why I think that Online Social Media won't kill Traffic from Search Engines.


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