Saturday, June 14, 2008

Basic concept of MARKETING part I

When we talk about marketing, at the end we talk about Marketing-Mix, a policy related to 4 main pillars that need to be well balanced for kept the company healthy:

  1. Product/Service
  2. Price
  3. Distribution
  4. Communication

Those 4 pillars aren’t independent, each one influence the others; for this reason it’s not easy to take right decision when we talk about Marketing policy.
On top of Marketing-Mix, it’s necessary to analyze the context around the company at 360 degrees (internal and external); if we kept in mind that a company is a small part of a system and like part of it, the company is strongly influenced by system change, but can only softly influence the system itself, it’s necessary to know, how the system is made for take the decision in the way of keep the maximum benefit (and not be influenced in the negative way because instead of anticipate we suffer the system behavior) .
The system is composed by different subsystems:

  • Demography
  • Cultural and social
  • Technology
  • Economy
  • Government and law
  • Physical

and for every one we need to collect particular information that it’s necessary for taking the right decision.
We can identify in the “External Audit” the function that realize filtering and collection of the correct information for every subsystems (p.e. by analyze marketing trend, customers behavior, competition, …).
Importance of External Audit can easily understood by few example; if we are a company that produce cars, if the government apply a new tax on the car, this influence the acquiring behavior of cars and probably the number of car sold in the market decrease; if the cost of life grows, people have less money and this reflect directly on the global trade; if in a country for a historic cultural background people prefer rent instead of buy (or in the opposite) , it’s clear that you must kept present for the direction of your choice.

If you have correction or adding post a comment. Thanks.

Bye Daniele

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