Thursday, June 19, 2008

Economy crisis, what to do now?

The basement of the all economy world was the oil doesn’t sound news, but is what still right happening, that confirms the previous affirmation.
The prize of oil has increased drastically in those last months creating a situation of speculation and putting in crisis all, especially the social position that was already in trouble or near by. First evident and heavy effect is related to the cost of money (interest) and consequently cost of life.

Investment made on bought house by mortgage especially if related to a variable index, loss in the company and consequent plan of employee’s reduction, people that are not able anymore to reach the end of the month with his salary, are all indication that something still growing in the wrong direction and need to be identified and correct.
Some actions are put in place and others are work in progress for handle the future, but they are the solution? For example in Italy, the government still moving in the nuclear direction; like told in my previous article seem that also the Iran (recognized like a country rich of oil) are moving on nuclear direction too.
The solution is just hidden by who have real interest in selling oil with high price (speculator people) or there isn’t a real solution?
But when we, normal people, listen about solar energy, wind energy, bio-massa energy, hydrogen fuel, and so on, we still listening about a dream or can be all those a real alternative?
Some country are trying to find others alternative, for example India is looking for biodiesel (fuel realized from trees); other voice around the world are related to algae transformed into gasoline and seem that are also much clean than the oil.
Surely until a real concrete alternative is not put in place the only escape possibility is to reduce drastically the use changing ours habit.

Indications on other kind of oil alternative are WELCOME.


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