Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to keeping a customer after the risk of loosing him.

The story start whit months of problems claims by a customer about a product sold to him, problems that the customer report existing from the begin. This customer is a really good customer with a big percentage of revenue and loosing him means not only loosing the business with him but loosing also a reference customer.
Expert from Customer Service department, Sales department, Marketing department, Development department was involved for analyze the situation urgently and setting an action plan with the top priority.
On analysis result 4 main key comes out:
- Users - they are not happy about the product because for their point of view is to complicate
- Product - some problems are product problems
- Process – process for handling the customer claim was not worked efficiently
- Customer Service Technicians – knowing the users, they underestimate the problems calls and didn’t put the right urgency and importance on.
The consequence action plan decided was:
1) Product problems must be prioritized and solved in less than 4 months
2) Customer Service Technicians must be sensibilized to take in much consideration the customer calls and valuate better the importance and the urgency of the calls; the Customer Service Technicians manager must keep under control the efficacy.
3) Review of the calls handling process, linking the calls frequency to the escalation process for involves the factory in an early stage.

The action plan had been in part proposed to the customer and he had accepted to wait at least 6 months for evaluate the result.
After the first factory modification and some little bit care of the customer, the situation has been recovered, except the users not pro supplier.
Result of this story is:
- Customer calls must be all evaluate respect urgency and importance in the right way
- Process must be review in the time, situation change and the process need to be adapted to the actual state
- Escalation process must be linked to all process, with a defined way of activation
- The lower part of organization is the one in direct contact with the customer and need to be followed and instruct on the customer handling

If this story suggest you point to improve, add, change, review and so on leave your comment, sharing experiencies is always welcome.

Bye Daniele

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