Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iran, the next one.

The US point the finger to the IRAN (Islamic Republic of Iran), like the next one, next one country to kept under control, to force to be in line with the rest of the world worried.
Certainly the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the president of Iran, don’t make nothing to quite the situation, but instead he do the complete opposite, making a public declaration against US and Israel, increasing the headache of all Nations.

In a firstly moment, I have supposed that the reason of this hot situation comes from history of the Iran country and this is partially true, but the reality is in the Oil. The Oil was the reason in the past of intrusion in the country of US and other occidental nation; in the Oil is the interest and like in the past every kind of monster is created for have the popular participation, but with the objective to take the Oil under control
The problem in the news, seem started when the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declare that the Iran state start to work with nuclear energy; I suppose that in many country (and US included), people started to think in this way: “If Iran that is a country with a lot of oil, start to play with nuclear, he does it for realize nuclear bomb and not nuclear energy; it’s necessary to stop him.” And I can agree with this, but if we consider the possibility that the oil still finish, easily we can image another situation, Iran still trying to found an alternative way of survive.

Understand clearly the truth is the objective and for this reason I ask to all of you to express your point of view, leave a comment and we start to discuss about.

Bye Daniele


  1. I personally believe that it is a coincidence that the countries that stir up the most trouble happen to be in the Middle East, which happens to have the most oil in the world. Let's take oil and American stereotypes out of the picture. There is a country threatening the existence of a much smaller country, based on very little that has not really been specified, I believe a just and almost natural reaction is to try to stop that country from acquiring nuclear power.

  2. Thanks for your comment Anonymous. I think too in general that nuclear power is not a benefit and need to be stopped elsewhere. Also in ours country. My personal point of view is that the future is not in the nuclear energy, we need to goes over and try to find another kind of energy that can guide all of us (intere world) to the next future.


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