Friday, June 13, 2008

ReviewSNAP™ provides innovative solutions with Web-based employee review system

by Chris Arringdale
VP of Marketing

DES MOINES, Iowa — May 7, 2008 — It’s no surprise to business professionals that United States businesses are doing more with less in today’s economy. Productivity is expected to increase or remain steady while the unemployment rate remains at 5 percent according to the Bureau of Labor. Human resource professionals and managers share the challenge of doing more with less along with the rest of their organization.

Fortunately, technology can provide solutions for companies by enabling them to complete one of their responsibilities more efficiently and effectively — employee performance reviews — while laddering up to the overall organizations’ strategic business plan.

Applied Training Systems has created ReviewSNAP™, an innovative Web-based performance management system that offers the following solutions:

Real time updates to goals, feedback and reviews
· If feedback is given on an employee or the employee’s goals are changed any time throughout the review period, the employee’s file is updated in real time and can be viewed right away by the rater/reviewer. Also, this allows reviewers to keep track of an employee’s progress towards their goals by keeping an ongoing record and adding feedback at any time during the review period.
Better and more accurate reviews can be given
· Rather than taking the chance of basing an employee’s review for an entire period on recent events only, reviewers have the ongoing ability to keep better track of their progress, performance issues, areas for improvement, etc. throughout the review period.
Automating reviews for more review cycles
· By automating the reviews, it makes it easier to have more review cycles. Rather, than having to wait for an annual review, reviewers have the option to create as many review periods as needed to provide an effective and accurate overall review.
Access to review system from anywhere with Internet access
· By having a Web based system, reviewers can add thoughts and notes to employee records from any location with Internet access. This encourages managers and raters to log information about the employee easily and quickly and allows them to access employee reviews and records so they can complete the review process at any time regardless of where they may be at the time.

“ReviewSNAP can help save time and simplify the employee review process for HR professionals and managers while being a medium that sends a strong message to employees that their organization is genuinely interested in their performance and professional growth” said David Arringdale, President of Applied Training Systems. “By having a system that allows for better and more accurate reviews, employees can gain a better understanding of their role in the company, how they are performing and they will feel more confident about their professional goals they need to focus on in the upcoming year.”

According to Rasmussen Reports LLC, 92 percent of managers believe they are doing an “excellent” or “good” job managing employees while only 67 percent of employees agree. A Web-based review system enables managers to better identify, evaluate and develop an individual’s performance. ReviewSNAP makes this managerial task more streamlined and effective. “Conducting quality employee reviews has a positive influence on employees’ individual sense of worth, commitment and belonging to theorganization ultimately driving better performance that ladders up to the organization’s overall goals,” said Arringdale.

Automating the review process can significantly reduce HR and managerial staff time. Streamlining this process can cut an organization’s expenses, ensure more timely reviews, and improve morale and productivity which should help enhance the bottom line.

About ReviewSNAP™
ReviewSNAP is a highly flexible, Web-based performance management system that allows users to give more accurate performance reviews. Created by Applied Training Systems, ReviewSNAP offers standard review templates, competencies, rating scales, and review periods. However, it allows users the capability of fully customizing each feature to fit individual orgranization’s needs. For more information, visit or call 800-516-5849.

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