Saturday, June 7, 2008

Urban golf

When I read the news on a commercial fashion newspaper, I was amazing about, because was the concretization of a wonderful way of thinking.
However you call it, Urban golf, Street golf, and so on, it really innovative and it’s a typical example of creating a new market, copying from existing one and adapt to a new area, people or so on.
The game of Golf was restricted to a special group, with a not indifferent cost, located in a special area created just for this game; now with urban golf a similar game can be played everywhere also in your city.
There are same rules and one most important is to make agreement with local community; for your curiosity here are some links:
Can you see in this news a new way of advertising?
Maybe someone can sponsor it or some commercial center can organize a tournament in their building.
Can you image the benefit for a company to organize a game in an industrial area?
So if you use those ideas of advertising successful remember me.
If you have comment or other let me know, comments are always welcome.

Bye Daniele

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