Sunday, July 6, 2008

Time management - Time missing

Nowadays time is the most scarse resourse that everybody need to keep in consideration.
There are many things to do, many appointment, too much interest, and all consideration that we can do about, at the end is that the time is not sufficient; we need to make every day a lot of unwanted choice about less interesting, important and urgency thing, making valuation in short time, mostly not enough for a good valuation.
We are fully planned that there is no space for other, change in planning make people crazing about how to schedule again an appointment and the result seem to shorting the time for every thing.
We must became day after day faster and faster and faster in handling ours day time and the conseguence is that we lstill going back to the instinct period; where is goes ours rationality if there is no time for using it?
The solution could be focussing our life on 3 simple goals in the following order:
1 - Personal
2 - Family
3 - Work
but how to switch from nowadays to solution idea without drastically actions?

Post your commend for start talking about this argument.


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