Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Religion commitment improve the quality of life.

Could be the practise inside the religions like all basic concepts about improving itself, being better and so on?
Looking around about all the philosophy related to management, leadership, self control, self improvement, wonderful life, the meaning of all of they can be compared to the same activity concept in the religions.
For example when we talk about relaxing, take moments for relaxing, is not comparable with the take a moment for pray? Is not the pray time a relaxing moment, out of frenetic life?
Confession is not similar to learn from mistake, it’s like a stop moment for analyze a mistake and improve awareness for avoid it in the future?
Thinking that result depends on our commitment or on commitment derived by God, don’t determine the same result?
I don’t want make in discussion religions, I want just put in evidence that at the end everybody follow a religion, in a good or bad way, when he try to improve the life. In this case the last means of religions is to teach how to have the best life (happiest, full, rich).

I hope to receive a lot of comments on this argument because i believe is important to expand on.

Relax time - Close your eyes and breath normally

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'd like to expand my friends network

What is a social network? What is useful for?
My personal impression and convinction is that social networks are the new way of really socialize, overcoming the spatial difficulty. But over the normal activity on line, the social network goal must be to have also social event in the real word. How do it?

  • Firstly sometime switching from email to normal mail(or postcard).
  • Secondarly finding maybe holidays occasion to meet people.
  • Thirdly exchanging information
  • ...
  • Continuiing to have online and offline contact with all.

In line with my minds i invite all of you to contact me on LinkedIn or Facebook to connect and maybe start to socialize.




Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009


What still happening all around? Crisis seems to be the mainly word used everywhere, but is this right?
All can easily agree that crisis perios are not an happyful thing, but however the only important thing is believe. The famous "We can" used a lot, must be useful also now. Working hardly we can, we can goes over crisis period.
All companies still investing their future in cost reduction and this can be easily also for children to understand that is not the solution for crisis time; we must hope that companies change their mind from cost reduction to cost care. Where is the difference? The difference in principle is in the meaning of the action, taking care of the cost, means continue to spend but with more investigation, attention about the usefull of the investment itself, means looking for opportunity a little bit more and choicing a better solution.
In normally periods, generally, we spend less time to investigation, because return on investment are much easier; i try to explain my self by a simple and short example: if we have three opportunity we evaluate the return of they lightly and if the best was the opporunity number one , but we have choice the opportunity number two is however ok, we have reached our profit; in crisis time we need to focus only on the best opportunity every misuse must be avoid.
Let the COSTS CARE became your goals.
Comments are always welcome.

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