Friday, August 14, 2009


What still happening all around? Crisis seems to be the mainly word used everywhere, but is this right?
All can easily agree that crisis perios are not an happyful thing, but however the only important thing is believe. The famous "We can" used a lot, must be useful also now. Working hardly we can, we can goes over crisis period.
All companies still investing their future in cost reduction and this can be easily also for children to understand that is not the solution for crisis time; we must hope that companies change their mind from cost reduction to cost care. Where is the difference? The difference in principle is in the meaning of the action, taking care of the cost, means continue to spend but with more investigation, attention about the usefull of the investment itself, means looking for opportunity a little bit more and choicing a better solution.
In normally periods, generally, we spend less time to investigation, because return on investment are much easier; i try to explain my self by a simple and short example: if we have three opportunity we evaluate the return of they lightly and if the best was the opporunity number one , but we have choice the opportunity number two is however ok, we have reached our profit; in crisis time we need to focus only on the best opportunity every misuse must be avoid.
Let the COSTS CARE became your goals.
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