Sunday, January 31, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti, earthquake in your soul.

On 12th January an earthquake make Haiti the craziest place of the world.
After 18 days i found the time for dedicate a small space here talking about.

In those moment, we must think about ours life and ours place in the world, in those moment we can really meditate on who we are. Far from that hell, it's easy for all of us express opinion, but the only right thing that we can do, it's realizing which lesson we can learn.

Until doesn't happen it's really difficult to relaize what means loose all, something for ever. We fight day by day and in a while every conquest is lost. Maybe nowday we have not helped the Haiti people, but the principle of helping each other is something that we must found how to apply it, in some case is the only thing that we can do.

Helping each other and thinking that nothing is forever.

Nothing is forever, only ours action could become part of the humanity characteristic. I know nothing is easy, but like Haiti people it's the only change that we have, especially when all others are lost and we don't have nothing that start again.

Mostly i feel helpless and i have difficult to realize what to do, but also the simple and little action are part of continuos improvement of the life in this ours wonderful world.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010


My best song.
Do you like it?
Which emotion you feel?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Influence of sport in the life

The physic activity is important in the life, it's a way of keeping ancestral habit active and this make a positive effect on us, because we suffer the effect of ancestral way of life; not so many years are passed from, when the humanity survival was mainly possible only thanks to physics capacity.

Ours body still not completely adapted to stationary life and be inactive make a real negative effect on us.

You can notice this effect when you feel bad when you wake up and seems that sleeping more or less make no differencies on how you feel yourself. Also when pass long time of inactivity you become more irritable.

Doing sport make life easier, better and more enjoyable.
Of course this discussion still open, let me know what do you think about.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

First resolution of the year for all: RECYCLING

It’s an argument already talked about, but it will never became old, i’m talking about recycling and preserve the future of the world.
Most people think that is not a problem, that never will e a need of reduce the use of certain material, that the nature always found a way to balance the life, but also if this idea true, why don’t start to pay attention on rubbish and reduce it by recycling?
There are a lot of way of doing it, but the most important principle is to reuse everything possible.

Reuse everything possible

One funny way of implementing the principle of reusing is transforming the rubbish in something different, in most of the case using creativity and imagination, making a real work of art.

Look some example from the web:

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter is far from south Italy

It’s a strange season cycle for the south of Italy, winter seems never arrive, if we look to the temperature and the outside weather, we will think to be in the always Spring world.

But if, on one side this could be a worried thought, on the other this wonderful season increase the wish to goes outside for walking, meet people and spent time talking, maybe on the sea border sit down on a table in the “Bar”, drinking a fresh and delicious not alcoholic cocktail.
For some it’s possible also swimming and take sun on the beach. If we consider that however, here there are a lot of other reason for coming (consider in your mind for example, historical place, food, wine, oil, some unique things in the world, like Alberobello) and spent time here is never lost time.

The wordefull place in the world: South of Italy!

Like in all place, negativeness are present also in this area, but positive issue are much more. If you come or if you have already visited, let me know by leaving a comment here, don’t bother about bad or good let know us both.

Next time you are thinking about a place to visit, remember that there is a place that wait for you, for make you life for a short, better. An experiency that is not easy of forget.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

The tought time

End or begin of the year is the right moment for take time and make a deep meditation about the past year and the coming year. This is a normal action taken in the work world, but must not limited to this environment.
It’s necessary to make a balance of the past year about the straightness and the weakness and try to put in evidence what must be persecute for improving.
The analyses on the past are the base for thinking about the future and decide the goals of the coming year.

This is in simple word what must be doing if we wish to improve ourselves and the world.
Typically we talk about resolutions, but it’s clear that just a wish cannot change the life.
Now is the right moment for going in deep of what we are, what we want and how we reach it and for doing it we need to:
· Really think about the past
· Focalize on important point for us
· Analyze the content
· Select the priority
· Well describe the goals
· Realize a plan
· Starting implementing they immediately
This is just a small moment of meditation, but first we start, first we win.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to the entire world.

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