Sunday, January 31, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti, earthquake in your soul.

On 12th January an earthquake make Haiti the craziest place of the world.
After 18 days i found the time for dedicate a small space here talking about.

In those moment, we must think about ours life and ours place in the world, in those moment we can really meditate on who we are. Far from that hell, it's easy for all of us express opinion, but the only right thing that we can do, it's realizing which lesson we can learn.

Until doesn't happen it's really difficult to relaize what means loose all, something for ever. We fight day by day and in a while every conquest is lost. Maybe nowday we have not helped the Haiti people, but the principle of helping each other is something that we must found how to apply it, in some case is the only thing that we can do.

Helping each other and thinking that nothing is forever.

Nothing is forever, only ours action could become part of the humanity characteristic. I know nothing is easy, but like Haiti people it's the only change that we have, especially when all others are lost and we don't have nothing that start again.

Mostly i feel helpless and i have difficult to realize what to do, but also the simple and little action are part of continuos improvement of the life in this ours wonderful world.

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  1. What we can do? Mostly helping is not an easy choice.


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