Friday, January 1, 2010

The tought time

End or begin of the year is the right moment for take time and make a deep meditation about the past year and the coming year. This is a normal action taken in the work world, but must not limited to this environment.
It’s necessary to make a balance of the past year about the straightness and the weakness and try to put in evidence what must be persecute for improving.
The analyses on the past are the base for thinking about the future and decide the goals of the coming year.

This is in simple word what must be doing if we wish to improve ourselves and the world.
Typically we talk about resolutions, but it’s clear that just a wish cannot change the life.
Now is the right moment for going in deep of what we are, what we want and how we reach it and for doing it we need to:
· Really think about the past
· Focalize on important point for us
· Analyze the content
· Select the priority
· Well describe the goals
· Realize a plan
· Starting implementing they immediately
This is just a small moment of meditation, but first we start, first we win.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to the entire world.

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