Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter is far from south Italy

It’s a strange season cycle for the south of Italy, winter seems never arrive, if we look to the temperature and the outside weather, we will think to be in the always Spring world.

But if, on one side this could be a worried thought, on the other this wonderful season increase the wish to goes outside for walking, meet people and spent time talking, maybe on the sea border sit down on a table in the “Bar”, drinking a fresh and delicious not alcoholic cocktail.
For some it’s possible also swimming and take sun on the beach. If we consider that however, here there are a lot of other reason for coming (consider in your mind for example, historical place, food, wine, oil, some unique things in the world, like Alberobello) and spent time here is never lost time.

The wordefull place in the world: South of Italy!

Like in all place, negativeness are present also in this area, but positive issue are much more. If you come or if you have already visited, let me know by leaving a comment here, don’t bother about bad or good let know us both.

Next time you are thinking about a place to visit, remember that there is a place that wait for you, for make you life for a short, better. An experiency that is not easy of forget.

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