Friday, August 27, 2010


It's called monk, for it's special shape that looks like a man praying. Seems there is a legend, a myth about this stone that tell different. Most people and historyc especially, consider it like one of others menhir distributed in the south area of Italy. But this one seems special, not because the story is recognised by Historian, but because, goes around a story that it is a virgin girl that for saving the village has prayed so long without moving and she has been transformed in stone by God.

Personally i believe that is an invented story.

What do you know about menhir? Let me know, i'm looking for mith, leggend and so on around those special object from the past.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Clean the mind

Sometime it's necessary to reset the thought, clean the mind and start from a calm and relax situation. Origami help in realize this, because take the mind polarized on the action, the concentration goes in the realization of the object. When you finish, your mind is refreshed and you have a funny object for decorate your work place or for gift to someone, maybe adding a simple thought. With one you take two: healthy mind and lightly life.

Try and let me know. If the first time the origami result is not perfect, don't worry and try again another time and again, every moment that you try you goes near the goal.

Lost of identity

In work environment, there is an identity problem about work position. In the past, offices and roles was well defined and clear for all. An organization structure was in place for enough time for being assimilate and understand. People were known by the name or by the title.
Nowadays, the change as so fast that the previous is not implemented yet and company start talk about the next one. Roles, offices, task, responsibility are mixed continuously and in a way that it’s really difficult to make a work role benchmarking without a deeply investigation on real activities.
It’s time for all companies to start thinking about organization stabilization that doesn’t means “No Change”, but it’s just an indication to do not change what is not really needs. Mostly for representing a change, new title name has been invented, but in reality is not the name the change, but the action that must be done, the point of attention, the result to persecute.
Also from customer point of view, change can become a difficulties, channel for communication change, the result is a missing of performance, until customer learn the new way (customers must change with company, but mostly could happen that customers change company) and in that moment company start again to change.
I propose a new organization strategy to implement in the company, we abolish the CHANGE MANAGEMENT and we can start using IMPROVE MANAGEMENT.
Change means modify all for a BETTER result (high cost of implementation).
Improve means modify small things for an improved result (low cost of implementation).
Small modification, make continuous improvement and in the time the result is a better implementation of change.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Personal power

This are just example of exercise.

Why we are here to talk about abdominal muscle? Seems that this part of the body is the most important about stability, of course phisical stability, but this reflect directly in the psycological stability and in the real power. When ours abdominal area improve we fill power in all body, when this part is not taken in exercise, become obstacle to ours life. I don't want means that all must be have a perfect body, i wish simple tell that we can not left our body goes in the direction it want, but we must take care about it, with simple action. Search for the exercise that better can incorporate in your life, simple and easy to do. Try to do they every day, you will see the benefit immediately.

Don't try to do difficult exercise or many exercise or for long time a day, just start slowly to habit your body. Day by day your body will ask you little bit more. Go ahead until you feel that you are perfectly well, ready to the act and happy.

If you try to force your body too much, you will have the opposite effect, tired, bored, unhappy.

Discover again the life, making a little exercise part of you.

Waka waka - motivation to the action

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