Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lost of identity

In work environment, there is an identity problem about work position. In the past, offices and roles was well defined and clear for all. An organization structure was in place for enough time for being assimilate and understand. People were known by the name or by the title.
Nowadays, the change as so fast that the previous is not implemented yet and company start talk about the next one. Roles, offices, task, responsibility are mixed continuously and in a way that it’s really difficult to make a work role benchmarking without a deeply investigation on real activities.
It’s time for all companies to start thinking about organization stabilization that doesn’t means “No Change”, but it’s just an indication to do not change what is not really needs. Mostly for representing a change, new title name has been invented, but in reality is not the name the change, but the action that must be done, the point of attention, the result to persecute.
Also from customer point of view, change can become a difficulties, channel for communication change, the result is a missing of performance, until customer learn the new way (customers must change with company, but mostly could happen that customers change company) and in that moment company start again to change.
I propose a new organization strategy to implement in the company, we abolish the CHANGE MANAGEMENT and we can start using IMPROVE MANAGEMENT.
Change means modify all for a BETTER result (high cost of implementation).
Improve means modify small things for an improved result (low cost of implementation).
Small modification, make continuous improvement and in the time the result is a better implementation of change.
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