Saturday, November 27, 2010

Using outlook 2007 for workload management.

Outlook is not a project management or a task management tool, in principle it's an email program.

But because it have a lot of feature, can be easily used also for improve organization of work if emailing is your main way of working comunication.

First you have categorization possibility.

Suggestion: create 3 category for Importance and Urgency:

  • Important & Urgent
  • Important
  • Urgent
Suggestion: create 3 category for define environmental, for easily identify the context of the issue:

  • Work
  • Family
  • Yourself

Suggestion: create 1 category for identify the recurrent issue, something that you need to do or to pay attention ciclycally.

Second you have folder possibility.

Suggestion: create 3 folder related to time:

  • cycle
  • one shot long
  • immediate
  • Waiting a reply

In cycle folder put the main first email that has motivated you to think that was a cycle issue, for every issues of this type. Using the possibility to edit email, you can write in those emails, the update, istruction and so on.


To be continue

If you think is interesting i will continue to describe my idea and way of....

Let me know.

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