Monday, December 27, 2010

Project management on resolutions for coming year

End of the year is a well identified moment, a well defined date, that can be used like a separator between old and new. For our brain it’s easy to allocate this way of interpretation, past year=old, new year=new and the resulting effect is that we consciously or unconsciously when end of year arrive we start thinking on the past year and evaluate it, it’s the moment in which we sum the plus and the menus and we make a balance of ours 3 level of life, work, personal and family and contemporaneously we start defining what to do in the coming one.
In this, direct or indirect, activity, we put the base for the coming years goals. Mostly called resolutions in reality they are the project for the future; starting maybe from just a wish and could be become an effective reached one.
Mainly we found a negative result on the past year and we increase the hope for the coming one; this passive balance of ours life coming from the fact that we don’t spent so many time on our goals and we left floating in the wishing space.
If we (maybe starting from this year) want make ours resolution real and give to ourselves a concrete possibility, we need to spent a small time and thinking about our wish, select the most important and approach to those like real project. In practices we must consider like a work and use a process and trace a path and help us to persecute our goals.

Project management is the activity that we need to put in place. It’s not a joke or a funny thing, but also for really simple goal (like: I buy a bag) we need to invest our time for make it really profitable (making a thing that doesn’t give a value, result in losing time that we could invest in something that give us a value).

What we need to do:
1. Define goals (SMART goals)
2. Describe process (writing style)
3. Identify resource (mainly we will do all ourselves, but involve family could be an help)
4. Trace milestones (small steps that help us to realize our improvement)
5. Timetable everything (start date, end date, checks date, activities date, …)

We will have 2 immediate benefits:
• make our resolutions more near to become real
• make practices with project management

Now it’s time to start our funny job, yes, funny, because only if we make it enjoyable we can persecute our goals.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmans & Happy new 2011

In this post, in principle i would wish a Merry Christmans and Happy new year to all of you, hoping to spent those coming days best you can.

I invite also you to subscribe and become a follower, it's easy and it's a simple and nice way to express you appreciation on what i do. However left your greetings in the comment of this post, it's apprecited too.

There are a lot of thing that we can do, we can share those moment with people that we love, but we can share ours love with people that need.

In this ours blog there is always a link to a different way of invest a small amount of money but that can do more, help people poor people to develope.

Another way of helping is with just a simple click you can help someone poor to have a cup of food.

Don't forget that on this blog you have also the possibility to make a donation usign credit card or paypal.

Here i wish to show you how my family have applied recycling for the Christmans school activity. We have prepared a paper Chrismans tree (all made by recycled paper, from old news) and 2 Chrismans balls (one made with buttons from old shirts and old coats, the other made with piece recoverd from old broken jewels).

Merry Christmans and Happy New Year

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Recycling Guide

Looking around the web about ideas and suggestions about recycle and how to improve the knowledge and involvment in this direction, i foudn and easy, nice and useful place:

Here some tips that have catch me and for while i have decided to shere with you.

Can I recycle soiled paper?

Paper fibres cannot be recycled if they are contaminated with food. Here are a few tips:

- Put greasy wrappers into your compost/main rubbish.
- Tear out contaminated portions (e.g. a cheesy pizza box lid), and recycle the clean remainder.
- Use tissues as compost, as heir dense fibres make them unsuitable for paper recycling.

The simplicity in the idea of separate the dirty paper from clean one for increase the recycling possibility is what i mean about daily action that we can implement.

Types of plastic

Almost all plastic bottles are made from one of these plastics:

- PET (bottled for fizzy drinks, cordial, cooking oil)
- HDPE (bottled for milk & fruit juice, washing-up liquid, fabric conditioner)
- PVC (bottles for still mineral water, toiletries, cordial)

Discover finally a simple calssification for the different kind of plastic bottle, make little bit aware about how to separate and conseguently understand the difference in some recycling action.

And like a last, this simple & funny video that rappresent the soul of recycling:

Music break - Justien Bibier - Never say never

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Berlusconi - Italy saved

Berlusconi still.

I think it's a lesson for all, how to do politic that win, win also in difficult situation. However is something to remember and try the related teachearage. Good relationship, clear summarization of the reached result, international player; we can have the same politic position or be to the opposite but all we can recognize to him the ability to be a winner, however.

CNN Video
The Indipendent

Internationality importance of Italy politic is clearly demostrated and this can only made me prideful to be Italian. Italy still play an important role on world wide politic. The difficulties are in all country and with the same difficulty in Italy we are working for goes over the actual "crisis" situation.
What is CRISIS? From Wikipedia is
"A crisis (plural: "crises"; adjectival form: "critical") (from the Greek κρίσις, krisis) is any unstable and dangerous social situation regarding economic, military, personal, political, or societal affairs, especially one involving an impending abrupt change. More loosely, it is a term meaning 'a testing time' or 'emergency event'."
See following for full note:

In every anchient time there had been a contestual way of hadling those situation, nowday we need to demostrate to have enought civicism and humbleness and recognize the limit of the situation and thinking concretly. It's the time where we need to not confuse take advantage with survival, it's not the time for violet competition on all level, instead this is the right time for collaboration, for using all creativity and global approuch for going over looking only about money economic law and try to find a different value to earn, "Sustainability", "Reusability", "No dissipation". We need to reduce little bit the own centrality and promote lightly the social centrality. It's right time for moving from "I" to "WE".
I don't know how but this is what i expect from world politician.
Related to what has been happened today in Italy i have only one bitterness, related to the action outside in the Rome town. Destruction, fight, caos. There are a lot of way of comunicate the dissapoint for something, what is happened today, is the worst. Really i don't agree with who think that using urban guerilla we can change positively something.
The only result i'm seeing in the video is a lot of common money (coming from the tax) will be consumed for reconstruct what has been distructed, insted of using that money for some more usefull use.
My message to all (also to myself) "From every thing that happen, learn always something".


Daniele Carnicella

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cagliari - Landscapes to see again

One day surely is not enough, give just the time to understand that it's a place to come back. Founding 20 degrees in December, like summer is never gone, brilliant colours and in every direction an impressive landscape, stop the breath for a moment and left a sign in the soul.

Launguage accent is full different from the dialect that you can listen in the other parts of Italy, it's the first particular that catch who visit this place. Seems to be in a foreign place, an enjoyable place.
Cagliari is the main town of the Italy region Sardinia. Traffic, street, building, all appear similar to every other big city, but driving the car around the city's road, the impression that you can have is that the environment change continuosly, from flat to montain, from big higway to small and compressed street, from long straight to fully bended. Sometime you are in a crowded place where everybody press the honk, after really few hundred meters, you are in a isolated area with nobody around.

The center of the city, near the sea and just in front of the harbor, is confortable; you can easily walk for hours, moving from shopping (there are a lot of shop where found made in Italy goods) to looking the begin of 1900 houses.
You can not miss the restaurants street, where tens and tens of restaurants, one near to other, can offer you a variety of Italian food (sea food is suggested); It's also the occasion to taste a tipycal wine (i tried a Sardinia Vermentino) for savour a piece of Italy and reach an unique wellbeing; take your time to look the coulor and trasparency trough the glass and catch the riflex play that the light create, smell the essence that rise to the nose after a soft shaking, breath deeply and take all you can for reenergize you mind, you will sure appreciate immediately the benefit; take it with small drain, left some second the liquid in the mouth going around for cover all gustative papillae and collect the sweet, the salt, the acid, the bitter .

Cagliari surely is a place to visit again, one fast day make me aware only that is a nice and enjoyable place. Sardinia place, food, people, sound, ... start planning your visit.


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