Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cagliari - Landscapes to see again

One day surely is not enough, give just the time to understand that it's a place to come back. Founding 20 degrees in December, like summer is never gone, brilliant colours and in every direction an impressive landscape, stop the breath for a moment and left a sign in the soul.

Launguage accent is full different from the dialect that you can listen in the other parts of Italy, it's the first particular that catch who visit this place. Seems to be in a foreign place, an enjoyable place.
Cagliari is the main town of the Italy region Sardinia. Traffic, street, building, all appear similar to every other big city, but driving the car around the city's road, the impression that you can have is that the environment change continuosly, from flat to montain, from big higway to small and compressed street, from long straight to fully bended. Sometime you are in a crowded place where everybody press the honk, after really few hundred meters, you are in a isolated area with nobody around.

The center of the city, near the sea and just in front of the harbor, is confortable; you can easily walk for hours, moving from shopping (there are a lot of shop where found made in Italy goods) to looking the begin of 1900 houses.
You can not miss the restaurants street, where tens and tens of restaurants, one near to other, can offer you a variety of Italian food (sea food is suggested); It's also the occasion to taste a tipycal wine (i tried a Sardinia Vermentino) for savour a piece of Italy and reach an unique wellbeing; take your time to look the coulor and trasparency trough the glass and catch the riflex play that the light create, smell the essence that rise to the nose after a soft shaking, breath deeply and take all you can for reenergize you mind, you will sure appreciate immediately the benefit; take it with small drain, left some second the liquid in the mouth going around for cover all gustative papillae and collect the sweet, the salt, the acid, the bitter .

Cagliari surely is a place to visit again, one fast day make me aware only that is a nice and enjoyable place. Sardinia place, food, people, sound, ... start planning your visit.


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