Monday, December 27, 2010

Project management on resolutions for coming year

End of the year is a well identified moment, a well defined date, that can be used like a separator between old and new. For our brain it’s easy to allocate this way of interpretation, past year=old, new year=new and the resulting effect is that we consciously or unconsciously when end of year arrive we start thinking on the past year and evaluate it, it’s the moment in which we sum the plus and the menus and we make a balance of ours 3 level of life, work, personal and family and contemporaneously we start defining what to do in the coming one.
In this, direct or indirect, activity, we put the base for the coming years goals. Mostly called resolutions in reality they are the project for the future; starting maybe from just a wish and could be become an effective reached one.
Mainly we found a negative result on the past year and we increase the hope for the coming one; this passive balance of ours life coming from the fact that we don’t spent so many time on our goals and we left floating in the wishing space.
If we (maybe starting from this year) want make ours resolution real and give to ourselves a concrete possibility, we need to spent a small time and thinking about our wish, select the most important and approach to those like real project. In practices we must consider like a work and use a process and trace a path and help us to persecute our goals.

Project management is the activity that we need to put in place. It’s not a joke or a funny thing, but also for really simple goal (like: I buy a bag) we need to invest our time for make it really profitable (making a thing that doesn’t give a value, result in losing time that we could invest in something that give us a value).

What we need to do:
1. Define goals (SMART goals)
2. Describe process (writing style)
3. Identify resource (mainly we will do all ourselves, but involve family could be an help)
4. Trace milestones (small steps that help us to realize our improvement)
5. Timetable everything (start date, end date, checks date, activities date, …)

We will have 2 immediate benefits:
• make our resolutions more near to become real
• make practices with project management

Now it’s time to start our funny job, yes, funny, because only if we make it enjoyable we can persecute our goals.


  1. Hi Daniele, I found your post very interesting. Mainly when you say that we don't spend time to set up our goals. I shoud add that we also do not invest time to define "why" we want such goals; often I see people not linking their goals with their dreams, considering the firsts only with an "economic" (cost-benefit)approach and therefore loosing the motivativation. Adalberto

  2. Nowaday, we are all focalized on direct monetization and we evaluate and found motivation in money that we are able to earn forgotting that there are also indirect aspect that can make motivation high without a direct monetization. In caso of goals we still loosing to be really a visionary and we go ahead only on immediate result project. Who can learn us how to become again a old fashion dreamer?


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