Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmans & Happy new 2011

In this post, in principle i would wish a Merry Christmans and Happy new year to all of you, hoping to spent those coming days best you can.

I invite also you to subscribe and become a follower, it's easy and it's a simple and nice way to express you appreciation on what i do. However left your greetings in the comment of this post, it's apprecited too.

There are a lot of thing that we can do, we can share those moment with people that we love, but we can share ours love with people that need.

In this ours blog there is always a link to a different way of invest a small amount of money but that can do more, help people poor people to develope.

Another way of helping is with just a simple click you can help someone poor to have a cup of food.

Don't forget that on this blog you have also the possibility to make a donation usign credit card or paypal.

Here i wish to show you how my family have applied recycling for the Christmans school activity. We have prepared a paper Chrismans tree (all made by recycled paper, from old news) and 2 Chrismans balls (one made with buttons from old shirts and old coats, the other made with piece recoverd from old broken jewels).

Merry Christmans and Happy New Year


  1. Que os sinos do Natal sejam mensageiros de Boas Festas, e que o Ano Novo seja repleto de realizações. Feliz Natal e Próspero Ano Novo.

  2. I wish and hope that this new year ahs begun for all at the best.
    Let know us your best starting.


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