Saturday, December 18, 2010

Recycling Guide

Looking around the web about ideas and suggestions about recycle and how to improve the knowledge and involvment in this direction, i foudn and easy, nice and useful place:

Here some tips that have catch me and for while i have decided to shere with you.

Can I recycle soiled paper?

Paper fibres cannot be recycled if they are contaminated with food. Here are a few tips:

- Put greasy wrappers into your compost/main rubbish.
- Tear out contaminated portions (e.g. a cheesy pizza box lid), and recycle the clean remainder.
- Use tissues as compost, as heir dense fibres make them unsuitable for paper recycling.

The simplicity in the idea of separate the dirty paper from clean one for increase the recycling possibility is what i mean about daily action that we can implement.

Types of plastic

Almost all plastic bottles are made from one of these plastics:

- PET (bottled for fizzy drinks, cordial, cooking oil)
- HDPE (bottled for milk & fruit juice, washing-up liquid, fabric conditioner)
- PVC (bottles for still mineral water, toiletries, cordial)

Discover finally a simple calssification for the different kind of plastic bottle, make little bit aware about how to separate and conseguently understand the difference in some recycling action.

And like a last, this simple & funny video that rappresent the soul of recycling:

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