Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm a poet. I just received a copy of book where one my poem has been published. I wish to share with all of you it and invite you, if you like it, to go to buy the book.
I try to translate in English, i hope to do a good translation, if not let me know.


Quando diventa difficile
Distinguere le differenze
Nei giorni che passano
Allora possiamo
Essere certi
Che stiamo morendo.


When become difficult
Distinguesh the difference
In the day that goes trought
Than we could
Be sure
That we still die.

If you are interest in the book, you can found here: Alettieditore

Could be interesting for me receive a lot of comment about the poem with a describtion on what message has been received by you, your emotions reading it and your opinion about how much truth is in there. I can garantee to you my maximum interaction with all of you.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My 5 preferred songs - which are yours?

  • Kate Perry - Hot 'n Cold

  • Lily Allen - Fuck you

  • Queen - Who wants to live forever

Let me know in the comment your 5 prefered songs.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Free on the web

Often, travelling on the web, we searching for a tool or a software that maybe we use just really random and in principle, we are not looking for a complex and complete one, maybe we really look for an easy and intuitive to use application. Searching, downloading and tring we spent a lot of time for finding the right one for us.

Fre on the web is a blog where i report the applications, tools, software that i search, found and use, that rare time that i need to do something. Sometime some of those become more intesive used and when this happen, in principle it's convenient to swithc to full one.
Could be very interesting your opinion about and which alternative you have.
Come to take a look and let me know:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Visiting Polignano a mare - Puglia - Italy

The Puglia is the best place to visit. Here i would to talk and show you the town where was born Domenico Modugno a big famous singer, i'm talking of Polignano a Mare. 

Fishing in Polignano a Mare sea.

Located about 40 Km to South of Bari on the sea Adriatico. 
The best part of the town to visit is the "Centro Storico", the historic part of the town, here i show you what i have seen:

And here a movie of the town coast :

Other movie and picture in the next.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Australia flood

What still happening to this ours world?

Another world disaster and probabily it is not the last. In those last years a lot of strange climate behavious still going happen around the world, they are sintoms of something that we could fix? All the today technology what can do about for tring to save human life?
For the moment we are united in the sufference with all people and give ours condolence to they. All togheter we can hope and pray.
Those are the moment where the umanity find again the humbleness.
Express you opinion or your knowledge leave a comment about.

Gift wrap papers recycle ideas

During those happiness days we have exchanged a lot of gift and collect a lot of paper that surely will finish directly in the trash (hopeful, paper recycle trash). What we can do for apply one of the main principle or recycle? We can try to REUSE. Of course if we open the gift with care, we can recover the gift wrap paper and collect and use in the future for our next gifts or we can try to change for a different use.
Origami help us in this direction and in this case is so not important the care about open the gift because we use square pieces of paper cutted from any kind of crumpled and lacerate paper (we need to make again flat).
The following picture is just few example of what I done:
1) A box for sweeties (in this case chocolate) whit a butterfly adornment
2) An happy new year letter and envelope

2) an happy new year letter and envelope1) a Box for sweeties

Here is a video for a full origami box:

I’m always interested in new and innovative way of recycle, let me know your ideas.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Starting the new year with music and take a relaxing time before to be again involved in the normal activity.

Happy New Year to everybody

Enjoy the coming 2011

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