Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm a poet. I just received a copy of book where one my poem has been published. I wish to share with all of you it and invite you, if you like it, to go to buy the book.
I try to translate in English, i hope to do a good translation, if not let me know.


Quando diventa difficile
Distinguere le differenze
Nei giorni che passano
Allora possiamo
Essere certi
Che stiamo morendo.


When become difficult
Distinguesh the difference
In the day that goes trought
Than we could
Be sure
That we still die.

If you are interest in the book, you can found here: Alettieditore

Could be interesting for me receive a lot of comment about the poem with a describtion on what message has been received by you, your emotions reading it and your opinion about how much truth is in there. I can garantee to you my maximum interaction with all of you.

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