Monday, January 3, 2011

Gift wrap papers recycle ideas

During those happiness days we have exchanged a lot of gift and collect a lot of paper that surely will finish directly in the trash (hopeful, paper recycle trash). What we can do for apply one of the main principle or recycle? We can try to REUSE. Of course if we open the gift with care, we can recover the gift wrap paper and collect and use in the future for our next gifts or we can try to change for a different use.
Origami help us in this direction and in this case is so not important the care about open the gift because we use square pieces of paper cutted from any kind of crumpled and lacerate paper (we need to make again flat).
The following picture is just few example of what I done:
1) A box for sweeties (in this case chocolate) whit a butterfly adornment
2) An happy new year letter and envelope

2) an happy new year letter and envelope1) a Box for sweeties

Here is a video for a full origami box:

I’m always interested in new and innovative way of recycle, let me know your ideas.

1 comment:

  1. I must say its a good work to recycle gift papers..I used to send Pakistan gifts in a better way


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