Sunday, May 6, 2012

Working for reach the TOP

In every moment we wish for us to reach the top in every thing we do and mostly we forgot that reaching the top it's an hard goal. We need to plan better possible and invest in preparation about.

I discovered again on my self this truth, when i start to make trekking for reaching the top of mountain.
Here in this photo it's one small that i start to escalate. Of course i was partially logistically prepared, not so much phisycally, but very confident to rise till the top.

The goals need preparation for be reached.
I start the travel and inside the forest the map was not so much easy to follow. Luckly the path was almoust visible, but every time i meet a furcation, my confidency about to be able to goes until the top has been maden into discussion.
A the end i miss the goal for few meters, last direction on last furcation  was wrong and i miss my goal. But however i learned something usefull, that PREPARATION is never enought and we need to verify our preparation testing it with smallest goal.

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